finally (m/c, ttc child ment)

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finally (m/c, ttc child ment)

I had another appt this morning, and the dr confirmed that my m/c is finally complete (after two rounds of the pills). My DH and I have decided to take a LONG break from ttc #2 bc we have had some major life changes since we started this journey over a year ago. It is definitely the right thing, but still hard at times. When the dr did the u/s she noted that it looked like I was ovulating and she pointed out that I had quite a few eggs - that made me sad for some reason. She also found a large cyst on my left ovary, so now I am moving on to bcp to help that go away. Now that this process if finally over, I am really feeling the loss of this pregnancy, as well as grieving over our path change. I know that continuing to ttc at this point is not the best thing for our family, but it is still hard to move away from that. I know with time, it will be easier, and that that door can always be re-opened. Anyway, sorry for the pity party and thanks for all of your support.

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I know it is a relief that it is over and you can move on, but at the same time so sad that you have to move on. Do what you feel is best for you and your family. I know with my 1st mc, I needed time to emotionally get over it before I could even think of ttc again.

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we are all entitled to what you call a pity party. I am sorry for your loss and that it was so difficult to go through. I am sorry that you are going through changes in your life path, but it appears that you are taking this from a logical perspective. I hope that everything goes for you guys as you plan.


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I am happy that the mc ordeal is finally ovr and that you can now give time to grieve and have pity on the situation. You just both take as long as you need to heal and if that means bcp so be it. Take real good care of yourselves and come here any time to rant or cry.