Found out reason for miscarriage

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Found out reason for miscarriage

Hello everyone. I had a miscarriage back in June and have been reading the different posts on this website and trying to cope with our loss. We've had 3 m/c over the last couple of years and this last one I was 12 weeks along when they found out the baby died at 9.5 weeks. I had a d&c and they did some testing. We found out today that our baby was missing an X chromosome (aka Turners Syndrome). We were told that it's ok to try again but I'm not real sure if I want to (I am 38 y/o and concerned that with my age this may very well happen again) question is has anybody else had testing done and if so was a missing X chromosome the reason for their loss.

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I am so sorry for all your losses Sad

I have not been diagnosed with Turners....That said, I have only had testing done on one of my losses...The other 8 I lost prior to scheduled D&C....

I have had tons of testing done on dh and I cause has been found Sad

I do remember some posters mentioning turners syndrome though...Maybe they will see your post and reply...


On a good note...I am now pregnant, again. I am a bit over 15 weeks along, saw my little one about a week ago, and all was still going well. I am hoping this pregnancy continues to go in a good direction, as I have never gotten this far (all my other losses were a bit over 9 wks and less)

I just wanted to say to hang in there...I am 42, with no live children yet (well, except the one in my belly now) ...Don't let age get you down..