Friend visiting.... (preg/mc ment)

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Friend visiting.... (preg/mc ment)

Hi all.... Well, I was doing better, but I feel as if I have stumbled backwards again. It is almost three months since my miscarriage, and I am feeling terrible again. Just generally lacking motivation to do much of anything. I am not adjusting to my new home, either. Basically, I hate it here. But no one really wants to hear that. They want to know that I am thriving in my new job/new location, making new friends, etc....

In addition to all this, I have my first visitor coming next weekend. It is my best friend of 20 years. Only one problem, she is pregnant. She found out the day before I miscarried. It is her first, as well. I am just scared that I am going to totally lose it when I see her. What if I think terrible thoughts, the way I do about other pregnant women? I can't even bring myself to get a present for the baby. I don't know how to handle this....

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How you are feeling is totally understandable. I'm sure your firend feels awkward too. Even if you lose it when you see her, its ok, it is understandable for what you've been through. Just take it as it comes and work through it.

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Hugs. Allow yourself to grieve, it is not something we do overnight and wake up all better.
I agree, talk with your friend. I am sure she is just as worried about you and how you are feeling too. It is ok to cry infront of people, I have done it many times.
I also know how hard it is to crawl out of your hole. But, try and do something each day for you. Can you look into any groups in your area? Book club or bowling?