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AGH! I've been doing so good not breaking down the last few days. Then today I have been feeling SO nauseated-just like i was when i was pregnant. I'm starting to think it's the prenatals b/c as soon as i started taking them when i was p/g i started feeling that way...but the dr told me to keep taking them just in case i get pregnant again anytime soon. Who knows...i don't go back to the dr until thursday. if they tell me my levels are still high and i have to have surgery again i think i will scream. THEN i have these feelings that I'm ovulating...I just had my D&C 2 weeks ago tomorrow and would have been 10 weeks tomorrow-every tuesday is a constant reminder of what would of been. I'm not supposed to be feeling like this anymore. I'm supposed to be pregnant and getting fatter...not this monthly crap. I just completely lost it a little while ago...sorry, just had to vent. i need another week just to myself...i say we all fly to some remote island and have a big party together!


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I am so sorry you feel so sad Sad BIG HUGS! I still have really really bad days too.. Sometimes it feels better to just cry and cry and cry:( We are here for you!

BTW! I'll be the first one to meet you at the party!!


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((BIG HUGS)) Bad days are completely normal. As for the prenatals maybe you could try a different brand that would be less harsh on your stomache?


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Sorry, wierd double posting thingy.

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I'm with you on hating those crappy reminders! It used to be every Thursday that i would be one more week pregnant if i hadn't lost Ada. Now it's every Friday that she would have been a week older. My c-section was booked for Friday 14th December, so she would have been 2 and a half weeks by now. Sad

Try taking your prenatals before you go to bed at night. I had to do that cause they made me nausious on a morning too.

Tell me when and where and i am IN for this island thingy!!!! Biggrin

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I am sorry you are having a crappy day. We all have them, I have had more of them then anyone can count. Reminders are the worse. Dates, smells, AF all remind me off what should have been.

I hope you feel better soon.

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Sending hugs your way. Sorry you are feeling so nauseated. A remote island sounds like a great idea. Can there be daily massages for us and frosty drinks? I'm in.


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Oh sweetie. I am so very sorry that you are feeling like this. I hope that your levels are where they need to be to not need another surgery. It really sucks to be in the situation that we are, but all we can do is continue. I wish you strength and peace.


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I'm so sorry that you are feeling this way. I'll be crossing my fingers for no D&C. And maybe a different brand of prenatals would work. My Omega 3 upset my stomach so I had to change to one with a thicker coating. Good luck with everything. ((HUGS))

Pina Colada's or daiquiri's???? Any other requests?? I'll bring em. Jeezz.....if I close my eyes, I'm almost there.