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Here we go again...I had a horrible headache all day long but was thankful to leave work early to go to my 2 week post D&C checkup...i get there and walk in to a waiting room FULL of pregnant women & old women with smelly perfumes (scents have ALWAYS bothered me whether I'm pregnant or not...). I turned around and walked out for a minute to catch my breath because these 2 ladies were talking very loudly to each other about delivering their babies, etc and I just couldn't take it. I had gotten there 30 minutes early hoping to get out of there quickly (yeah, right!). So the receptionist calls me up and tells me the dr had left to deliver a baby and i could wait if i wanted to...i felt so irritated by now i told her there was no way i was going to sit and wait 2-3 hours so no thanks. i know i sounded like a b**** but it's been a long, crappy day and i didn't feel like waiting anymore. I was so worked up about going and getting this over with so i can TTC again-she said i could reschedule and i told her no thanks and walked out and started crying. AGH! i wish i wasn't like this, but i just can't help it right now. nothing seems to be going my way. i know it seems silly to get so upset over nothing, really, but i just wanted to get in there and get some answers and ask for a picture of my last ultrasound and get out. My husband was irritated b/c i didn't reschedule but i told him if i was having problems i would be sick, etc and i would know it. I know i need to reschedule but at the same time i just don't feel like going back there for awhile...

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I'm sorry things were so sh*tty for you. I totally get where you are coming from. I'm like that too, sometimes. I just want this to be over with!!

You could take a HPT to see if there's still a significant amount of HCG in your system. Once the HCG is gone, you are good to go I think. Don't be surprised if it is still positive, though. It takes a while for everything to go back to normal, especially if there's a bit of tissue left, like for me.

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Did the receptionist not know your situation?

I called my receptionist the day before my appt. and asked if I could check in and then go wait in the car and have her call me. She actually reschedule me for the next day first thing in the morning and told me she would put me right into a room so I wouldn't have to see anyone. She warned me that there was a chance I might see one person on my way out (but I didn't).

If you want to go back then you might want to call and ask for an appointment either at the beginning or end of the day.

I am so sorry that you had such a crappy day. :comfort:

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I'm so sorry that didn't go well. You would think that hospitals would be a little more considerate of people's feelings with things like this, but often they're not.


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I am sorry you had a crappy day. I think it is normal to be this frustrated. I had to switch doctors because the place reminded me off what I missed.

I hope things turn around soon.

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Oh gosh, I so feel your pain. I wish the receptionists could be more sympathetic.

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I am so sorry that you had to deal with that. When I had that kind of hard time, my doc actually set me up to see him at the family clinic in the hospital instead of in ob/gyn. Is there a possibility something like that could happen? The only other suggestion that I have is that you see if you can be the very first appt of the day to avoid the pain that you just had to go through.