Genetic testing results

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Genetic testing results

I forgot to post here when I got my genetic test results back 2 wks ago. Here is what I said on another board..

I had a msg on my cell from my RE telling me that he had the genetic testing results. It came back abnormal for Turner's Syndrome-a 45X chromosomal abnormality. It is hard getting those results to know that we were in the 10% of m/c that result from Turner's Syndrome. He said that we are not at an increased risk of it happening again. I guess I am relieved that it was not an egg or sperm issue. It breaks my heart to know that this would've been our little girl. I joked that that must be all my DH knows how to make since that would've made four girls for him. I don't know if this is worth doing PGD if we try IVF again with my eggs, or if the risk is so minimal it wouldn't be worth it.

Again, I am mad at my RE. To me that should've been a msg saying "call me back when you get this." Not give me my results on a voicemail left on my cellphone. Grrrrr!

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