glad i found you (TTC and PG ment)

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glad i found you (TTC and PG ment)

I originally posted my story to the TTC after a loss board but I think this is a better fit right now. My DH does not want to talk about trying again right now and I am not sure how I feel about it.

I m/c about a month and a half ago at 9 weeks (baby's heart stopped beating at 6 weeks). I had a lot of bleeding (about 4 weeks) that constantly reminded me that I was no longer pregnant. I am having better days but on my bad days I feel like people have moved on (and expect me too). As a result, I feel like I have to grieve in silence. I want to acknowledge this baby so I have been looking at some the jewelry that is available. I am not sure that is the way I want to go. Has anyone come up with other ways of physically acknowledging the special dates (i.e. conception, loss, and edd)?

Thanks for reading and I will pray for you all to find peace and comfort,

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There is a member of this board who made me a beautiful bracelet for my angel. It has the November birthstone (my edd) and April (the month I lost my angel). I've also heard of people planting flowers or trees in honor of their little ones, or getting angel figurines for their yard of gardens. I'm so sorry that you have to join this board, but hope you are finding the strength to move forward and find peace and healing. I wish you all the best when you TTC again :bigarmhug:

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I made bracelets for several members of the board (including HollyAnne's). I would be happy to make you one as well if you wish, and that goes for any members who have joined since I made the bracelets and would like one. I just need the months that you would like, a wrist size (they are strechy), gold or silver spacer beads, and a mailing addy.
People who have not gone through a mc don't understand how much the loss hurts...don't feel like you have to "get over" it or grieve alone. Heal at your own pace and let yourself grieve as you need.