Got new board suggestions???

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Got new board suggestions???

Hi all!! Smile A message from Missy and Ang...


Missy wrote:

Ok all you creative geniuses! What board(s) are missing from Angelia and I are in a position now where we are going to be adding several new boards in the coming week or so and we want your input!

We do have some general rules for submission:

  • ALL entries must be sent via email only. At this time we will not be able to consider those posted on the board or sent via pm as our time is limited to accomplish this goal. Having the entries emailed to both of us allows us to both a chance to consider. To email us use [ suggestion]this link[/email] or mail to [email][/email] AND [email][/email]
  • Please choose the subject matter carefully. We want to select new boards that have a viable chance of *making it* -- meaning something that would appeal to a significant group -- whether general audience, regarding ttc, infertility, pregnancy, etc.
  • Finally -- please know that while all submissions are welcome, unfortunately the number of slots is limited. DO NOT, however, allow for this to discourage you from sending in your idea as we will be keeping ALL for future slots as they become available. Smile

That's it! Please send your entries in by Friday, June 8th as we want to get these set up as soon as possible! Smile

~Missy & Angelia