Got a tattoo! (pics CHILD MENT)

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Got a tattoo! (pics CHILD MENT)

The angel wing words read: "Angel EDD 10-26-06"
The butterfly wing words read: "Dora 11-14-06"


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Awesome!! Biggrin

Have you checked out the modified / tattood parents board? It's a good one and new. Smile

Here's a link:

It can only be found on the drop down menu at the bottom for now. Sorry if you have already seen it.

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Its cool. Did it hurt?


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xD It hurt alot! I didn't cry until the end though. ANd that's only because he hit the ticklish spot on my back. I was trying so hard not to bust out laughing and move that I started crying.

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I love it!!! What a beautiful way to remember your little ones.. Smile


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That's looks really pretty. Smile

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That is very nice!!! Great idea! Thanks for sharing!