Had a bad day (m/c ment/baby ment)

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Had a bad day (m/c ment/baby ment)

I knew a guy in my office was having a baby and the day I came back after my m/c he left as his wife was having the baby. This didn't bother me at the time, I was happy for him, but today he came back and everyone was fussing round him looking at pictures and they baught him loads of gifts for the baby. Everyone was so happy for him but all I could think was "B*ST*RD"!!!

I feel so bad, he's such a sweet guy. I would have been 15.5 weeks by now..getting a baby bump. I'm just angry that he has his LO and I will never have mine.

Thank you for listening

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I'm sorry hon. that had to be hard.

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****PG Ment****

I'm going to be in the same situation. I will probably go back to work on Monday. The guy in our office wife is due on Sunday - so I'm sure I will be back to work just in time to get the good news. I'm dreading that. My brother just informed my dh that his wife may be pg. She is a little on the immature side - so I already warned my dh that if she is, I wish them the best, but don't let her near me. She would 'rub it in my face' (not maliciously) without giving it a second thought.

I'm sorry you had to endure that - I wish there was a bubble I could crawl in to for the next 6 months or so.

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I am so sorry.



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Im so sorry. That must have been very hard. Well done for getting through it though. Dont feel bad for feeling that way. If ever I see a pregnant women I feel pretty much the same way. Then, I feel guilty for being unreasonable. You never know what they had to endure to get there. Losses etc. But I cant help the first thoughts that spring in to my mind. Im sure it is normal though, we cant help the way we feel. Hugs to you hun.

I agree with pp about crawling in to a bubble for next 6 months. At least that way we could avoid all pg people and babies!!! Its like a constant reminder of our pain and loss. I really never considered that a m/c could hit me this hard. 6 weeks on, and it still hurts so much.

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I was ok today, everyone left him alone, then I get a message when I get home that my cousin has had a baby! I didn't even know she was pg until Christmas. It's just not fair!

I'm glad all you ladies know how I feel!

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HOpe the weekend is better than today!

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Don't feel bad at all.I had to get my blood drawn again today as I'm still waiting to get down to 0.Well i usually go in at 8am before everyone else gets in.But today i had to be to work at 7:30am so I had to wait till my lunch break at 11am.When I got there the waiting room was full of pregnant women Sad I made it to the lab ok then had to ride the elevator down with a cute little preg lady.By the time i got out of the elevator i was lucky to make it to my car before i lost it.

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I think I know just how you feel. Right around the time I would have been having my first baby showers I saw that, in the office across from ours, there were decorations for a baby shower for someone else. I saw them bring in the cake and I felt so lousy. I wanted that so much, that silly little thing like a cake for me and a celebration. Then, just yesterday, one of the guys in our office found out that his wife is pregnant. All the girls are talking about it and I can't avoid it. I laugh and smile, too, but I so miss the days when work was a refuge from babies and pregnancy.

Some days I really can smile about all the pregnancies and, on other days, my heart feels like it is literally sinking and I just hate that depression. I never know when it will hit.