Had a meltdown last night...(preg ment)

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Had a meltdown last night...(preg ment)

Sad It's been nearly 6 months, and last night I had a good long cry. We were at the ISU game and everywhere I turned there were big ol' pregnant bellies and little, itty, bitty babies. I held it in for most of the evening, but on the way out to the car, I just lost it. Most days I do ok...but every know and again those waves of saddness hit me like a trainwreck and I hurt so much for the baby that isn't about to be in my arms. I think it's hitting me harder as my edd approaches. I really expected to be pregnant again by then. Sad

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I am sure it was good to get it out, Holly. I did good for most of the last week and then just lost it on my birthday. I guess it comes and goes, and we never know what the trigger will be.

Anyways, I will be thinking of you. :bigarmhug:

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Pg ment

Hang in there honey. We all have those days, but keep the faith that things will get better.
Your time will come and you will have one of this big bellies.