had a miscarriage....now what????
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Thread: had a miscarriage....now what????

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    Default had a miscarriage....now what????

    I recently had a miscarriage and I'd like to try again. I've heard some people say that after a D&C, their period didn't come back for 4 months.
    When is it safe to start trying again? I am also on iron pills, can this replace Materna or should I also take Materna in case I do get pregnant soon?
    I know I should be asking my doc....but I'm in the middle of trying to find a new doc....my doc is ancient.

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    I am sorry for your loss

    I can't answer the Materna/iron question. That said, I am sure one of the other ladies will..

    As far as ttc again?? Typically, AF returns between 4-6wks. That said, it can take longer...Everyone is different.

    I would def wait till after first AF before ttc.


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    I'm sorry for your loss.

    You should take prenatal vitamins. You need the folic acid in them.

    The current school of thought is that it doesn't matter if you wait for an AF or not before becoming pregnant. It really is a personal preference. If you wait for AF, it is easier to date the pregnancy. It might be good mentally to wait that long, but not required.


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    I didn't have a m/c but after my loss at 20 weeks my OB told me to wait 3 months. She especially wanted me to have an HSG and wait for my first cycle. I know some women who have become pg before the 3 months suggested timeframe and everything worked out okay, but I would probably check with your Dr.
    I am waiting for the all clear from my OB now that I have had my first cycle and my HSG test.

    Good luck and I am sorry for your loss.


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    I am so sorry for your loss.
    I would take the prenantals- . I was told to wait one cycle and then start TTC- but my doc also said that if I got pg before a cycle that was ok too.
    I think I got AF 4 weeks after my d&c, but everyone is different.
    Best of luck to you

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    I would definately take a pregnancy formulated vitamin with 400mg of folic acid. You definately need this to help prevent spinal tube defects. Also, if you dont take a vitamin that is especially for pregnancy you could be taking too much of some of the vitamins you need. For example, too much vitamin A can cause birth defects.

    It's also good to try to eat iron rich vegetables such as dark leaf cabbage, broccoli and spinach etc. Iron is also in dark chocolate and liquorice. Yum!

    I am so sorry for your loss. Although my loss was different i would advise waiting until AF comes before trying again. Simply because if you have to go for early scans for any reason it helps to know the approximate age of your pregnancy to help stop unecessary worry over the bubs size etc.

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