handprint/footprint charms

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handprint/footprint charms

Here is the website where our funeral home ordered the charms for us. I was happy to hear they had a website and also that you can send in pics to have these made. The funeral home did this for us, but I was happy because I know some of you would like to have this. It is a little pricey, but it is our baby's actual hand and foot prints on the charm so it is so worth it IMO.


here is what we are going getting:
DH will get her footprint and I'll get her handprint. On the back will say: Zara Beth, 12-22-07

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Looks beautiful.

My DH bought me a heart shaped family pendant for Christmas. It has our birthstones and thomas and Lily's birthstones. It makes me feel good each time I see it in the mirror. Like a little part of my daughter is with me.

Thanks for sharing the link.


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:lurk: I bought the necklace charm handprint Thumbie for my cousin when she lost her precious Zoe at 31 weeks in August 06 - she wears it everyday and keeps it close to her heart. I hope it brings you a tiny amount of peace as it did for my cousin.

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that is a great site.


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A great site thank you.