Happy Mothers Day! (mega pic heavy with bellies, babies etc.)

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Happy Mothers Day! (mega pic heavy with bellies, babies etc.)

Well, Sunday is Mothers Day here in the UK so i have decided to make a happy post rejoicing in my children! Biggrin It's got a ton of pictures on it and a million happy memories for me, so thank you for looking and sharing them with me. Smile


My beautiful boy was sent to us in January 2006 when i got my BFP! I was over the moon after trying for 7 months!! Biggrin My first belly pic i was convinced that i was enormous!

This was the first gift we were bought and it was from Scotts mum and dad

By 14 weeks i had a cute pooch

The dating scan showed that 'bean' appeared to have a moustasche and beard, like my dad! Smile

I found the heartbeat on my doppler!!! Biggrin

I bought a new posh frock to wear at the summer conference at work

At 20 weeks i had a nice belly and we found out it was a BOY!!! We really wanted to have a boy first and then a girl, so we were really pleased, although we would have been happy with a little girl too.

I discovered a chin pube! Never had a hair growing out of my chin before - darned testosterone!! Lol

My sister and I at mum and dads house. I was 24 weeks

Starting to look tired, but WOAR a big belly at 31 weeks!

My friends threw me a most excellent baby shower and i had a huge laugh!

Had another scan at 35 weeks. Oberon was looking like a proper little boy!!

Went onto maternity leave from work and got a nappy cake and card

Sarah's eye view...

38 weeks massive!

I adore this photo of Dad and me!!

Our beautiful boy! Perfect in every single way. Smile


We were pregnant again six months after loosing Zane!! YIPPEE!!!

Could it be...?

Can you see it...?

Oh yeah! Yahoo

Just making sure... Biggrin

Suck that belly in Sarah! (I had leftovers...)

Our first glimpses at Vegas!

I was nine weeks pregnant at our wedding party.

Still sucking in!!

Vegas waving at us!

Intelligender say boy...? Lol Hmmm....

At Scotts sisters wedding, 16 weeks

20 weeks! It's a GIRL!!! YEAH!!! :jumpingbeans:

Meet up with the Preg.org UK board girlies!!

Our perfect little baby girl. Smile

If you made it this far thank you for looking. Happy Mothers Day to all of the mums out there, but especially the ones with empty arms and angels. May all of our dreams come true soon. :giveflower:

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Happy Mother's Day Sarah! What a beautiful tribute. You are an incredible woman.

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thank you for sharing, what a beautiful way to celebrate mothers day and your little ones.

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Happy Mother's Day Sarah! I don't think I'll ever be as strong as you are

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Happy mothers day to you hun. Your strength and courage never ceases to amaze me. Your babies are beautiful.

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Happy Mother's Day Sarah!

What a special little tribute to your angels. They are both beautiful & lucky to have such a wonderful mom.


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Happy Mother's Day!!!

What an amazing tribute!

Much love!!!!

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Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed seeing the pictures.

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Your amazing and I feel blessed to know you and get to bask in the sunlight and love that is Sarah :grouphug:

Happy Mother's Day :giveflower:

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Happy Mother's Day!! That was an awesome tribute. You are amazing.

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Happy Mother's Day!

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That was beautiful Sarah, Thank you for sharing it with us...Happy Mothers Day.

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that was so beautiful. you're an amazing woman.

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That was perfect. Thanks for sharing with us. Happy Mother's Day mommy!

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Thank you so much for sharing that wonderful tribute with us Sarah. Happy Mother's Day to you.:giveflower:

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Sarah, your strength and courage inspire me every time I see your posts...HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to a wonderful mum to beautiful angels, thank you for sharing your tribute.

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Happy Mothers Day Sarah....

You will see your lo's one day.... :bighug:


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You are such an amazing, strong woman. Your angels are so lucky to have you!

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Ok, chic~a~dee, you know I think you rock!! Thanks so much for sharing. Oh and I absolutely LOVE the photo of you and your dad...that is hilarious. It's so adorable!!

All my love

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Happy Mother's Day!!!! You are an amazing woman. I love looking at you and your angels.


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Happy Mother's Day to you! Thank you for sharing.

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Happy Mothers Day Sarah. Ada and Zane were and are beautiful and will always live on through their beautiful mum.

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Thanks for sharing that tribute to your beautiful angels. Happy Mother's day Sarah.


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**lurker with losses**
Sarah that is beautiful! You are a remarkable woman.

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I've cried many tears for all of you.:bighug:Happy Mother's Day in the UK.

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Uhhh- I've got tears streaming down my face!! Thanks so much for sharing your journey through motherhood. You're an amazing mummy!!

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Happy Mother's Day Sarah! Thank you for sharing.

Mom to 7 Angels

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Sarah though I posted this other place I just want to again send hugs and fuzzies and hope you have a happy mothers day all your life.


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My Dear Sarah

It's been over a year since I visited this website -- been unbelievably busy. But all is good. Not sure if you remember me, but I sure remember you, sweetheart. You're so supportive.

Sarah, I am so deeply sorry to hear about your loss of beautiful Ada. My heart is breaking, crumbling over here. But together we are strong, and we are a community. And I'm so glad to be back -- this is such a loving place.

Sarah, you rule. You inspire. And you are utterly, completely, unmistakeably a wonderful mum. Zane and Ada are lucky to have you. Happy Mother's Day with great, big cyber hugs...


(PS I was endeavouring to PM you, but couldn't figure out how to do this. Is this no longer an option at this website?)

(PPS I don't expect you to remember me because I'm sure you meet hundreds of people here. But to jog your memory, I had 4 mc's within exactly 3 years (to the day) and -- when signatures were still permissible -- I used to have "Life is 10% of what happens to me, and 90% of how I react to it"...remember?)

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Nicole!!! I just sent you a PM and i d totally remember you!! Biggrin

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Oh Sarah, what a beautiful tribute to Zane and Ada. What a beautiful family. My heart hurts looking at and remembering all those beautiful pics of all of you. BTW, I love the pic of you and your dad too. Hilarious!

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful belly and beautiful babies! I haven't been able to get here much lately, (my life is insane these days: moving, broken bones, illnesses, disorders, black widows, travelling, retreats, house repairs!) but when I do come here, I look for you. You and your children have touched my life so deeply.


Love, love and more love to you,


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