Hard day today (pg ment/child ment)

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Hard day today (pg ment/child ment)

Today we were at my dh grandfather's 82nd birthday party. It was mostly lots of fun. His grandparents had 10 children, there are 59 grandchildren, and 30+ greats. There were probably 50+ppl there. I love his huge family functions, it's lots of fun! But it was hard too. I am LDS (Mormon) and so you know his cousins our age seem to be popping out babies like crazy. There are always new babies there, and at least one person pg. The girl pg right now is due in a few weeks, and I would have been due just a few weeks after that. I can usually handle pregnant women, but those close to my due date, man, it makes me sooo sad. I see all the cute families, adding more, and I want to be, and it's not happening, and it hurts. None of them are anything but kind, they've never even asked if we're trying, when we'll have another etc, but it still gets ya thinking about, ya know. Had to recollect myself a few times, so the tears wouldn't come. It's just hard....

Thanks for reading.

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I am so very sorry that you had to go through those emotions. I hope that you feel better soon.


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Gotta hate those days when your loss really smacks you in the face. I am so sorry that it was difficult being there and knowing that you too should have been pregnant. It sounds like regardless it was a warm, loving a safe environment to be in.

Here's to better days!


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I hate the days when I am reminded I am not pregnant. The family functions especially, because I always got excited for them even more when expecting. I don't know though, after some time has passed being able to push the tears aside makes me feel strong again, KWIM?

Here, here, to better days to come!!

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Im sorry you were reminded of your pain today. Sometimes family functions are the worst cause like you say someone always seems to be pg. Im really struggling to be around pg people at the moment (my sis is pg, just a couple of weeks behind where I should be) Im glad that you are least feel that they are considerate, nothing worse than if they are not. Dont worry, im sure it will be our turn soon