Having one of those days (m/c ment, TTCment)

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Having one of those days (m/c ment, TTCment)

I am just having a bad(or a few bad) days. Af came, and I really thought I would be pg by now.

I was down in the dumps so I ate and drank a little too much this weekend (but I had fun). Now I am depressed for gaining a few pounds.

It has been bothering me to see pg people again. I feel like I don't have any one to talk to. My close friend is pg, and almost all of my other friends have kids.

Ahhh, why oh why does this happen?
(I have had 2 m/c for those of you who don't know)

Thanks for reading,

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MJ we must be on some kind of wordly path together. I feel the exact same way you do lately.

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It's tough. After my m/c I ate a lot of junk and was having my DH make mudslides and margaritas for me. I definitely started gaining weight and that depressed me. I've been doing the treadmill every day now for about 6 weeks or so. Trying deperately to get back in shape. Sorry you are having a rough time right now. I think many of us know how you feel. (((Hugs)))


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Don't be so hard on yourself....As my losses continued, I took the apple martini road....made em at home, extra strong in an extra big red wine glass ...

After I had given myself the time I needed...I dropped the martini's and hit the tread mill...I cannot tell you how much it helped with my stress/anxiety/depression..

Thinking of you :comfort:


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I am sorry to hear that you have had some bad days. I understand the pg women thing completely. I am not TTC but am still so raw emotionally that it is physically painful to see women that are pg. I saw a ton of them yesterday at a check up for my incision. I lost it and was crying as hard as when my angel was born sleeping. I understand the feelings about the weight gain as well however you should allow yourself some leeway now and then. Our coping mechansims help us to survive. You know that you gained a little weight and you know what happened to cause it. Now you have something to focus on. I wish you luck with your TTC in the future. Shelly