Hello everyone (ttc ment)

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Hello everyone (ttc ment)

I just wanted to say hi to everyone here today.

My loss was in late March and I posted here a little bit but sometimes I just find it so hard to. I wanted all of you to know that I think about you all the time and my heart just breaks for all of your losses. I keep telling myself I need to get caught up on this board and show support since I know how much it's needed but sometimes I feel like I might not be able to keep it together when I come here. I was starting to feel a little bit better in general but lately I feel the presence of my grief so very strongly. Part of me wonders if it's because my dh and I are going to try again after this next af and if worries of another loss are bringing it on but I really don't think that's it. Plain and simple - I think I'm just grieving this miracle that I lost much to soon. I hope you all know that you are in my daily thoughts and if anyone ever needs an extra shoulder please feel free to pm me.

Sending hugs to everyone~ :bighug:

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I will still grieve even my losses from years ago like it was yesterday...just hits me hard sometimes...Could be the day..a song..something someone said...and sometimes I just don't know what brings it on....

The only way I can talk in detail about my losses is on line...IRL...it would be to hard to keep it together...I have tried...but my eyes would well up with tears..my voice would crack...at that point I would end the conversation...

I am not one to cry in front of others...I am a very private person when it comes to my emotions..

I suppose that there will always be days like this...Until I pass away and I see my babies again...finally get to hold them...Then my grief will be replaced with joy..


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Hugs hon. I used to come here a lot, after my first loss, but then once we started trying again, I just couldn't keep coming, it got really hard for me. Now that I have had my second loss, I need to come here, and see that I am not the only one going through all of this right now. I hurt that others are going through it, but at the same time, it helps me to know that there are those that have been there and understand.

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I am going through the same thing. I loss Abby in March also. Somedays are good some are just crappy. I am also thinking of TTC and I am scared to death. (((hugs)))

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i'm in the same place. i got so much support here after both my losses, and then drifted away because things were just too hard. we're ttc again too, and im scared, and i just floated back here.

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I know that this is an old thread, but it really struck a chord with me, so I felt I needed to respond.

I suffered a March loss, too. And I remember Readyforbaby1, VCB502, and msichana from when I was coming here every day (usually several times a day, and sometimes several times an hour) back then. I, too, drifted away only to return all these months later. I'm starting to realize that grief can be cyclical, just like so many other things in life and nature.

Coming across this post has made me feel so much more normal. It's such a comfort to know that I'm not alone in feeling grief and despair again after feeling so strong for so many weeks.

To those of you TTC again, good luck! I hope I'm among you soon!

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I too drift in and out. I also know people from the baby boards. And, I know exactly how it feels to want to give support because you received so much, yet not being able to due to the greif. When I know what to say, I post. When I don't, I hope everyone knows that even though I'm not writing it, I'm thinking about them.