Hello.. I am new

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Hello.. I am new

well i am new to all this... I had a m/c about 2 weeks ago and a d/c a week ago. So , i go back for my week follow-up and the dr said i had a particular molar pregnancy... Has anyone heard of this? I started spotting about 6wks and had a u/s and the baby was fine and there was a heartbeat of 170.. the i had another u/s about 1 week later and the samething, everything was fine... the my spotting turned to heavy bleeding went to er and no heartbeat... I guess i don't understand. i have to get my blood drawn every week and wait to my level go to 0 and then i have to wait a year to try again and pray this don't happen again... I guess i am just lost and need to know if there is anyone else that has been though this and had a sucessful pregnancy after this.


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I'm so sorry for your loss. It sounds like you had a partial molar pregnancy. I don't know much about this but I know it's not nearly as serious as a complete molar pregnancy. I have read on other message boards where women did not have to wait a year but only three months once their levels went to 0 but I would research this and maybe even see a different doctor to discuss your options, risks, etc. (((Hugs)))

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:comfort: I am so sorry for your loss Sad

Sounds like you had a partial molar pregnancy....There are a few other ladies that have been on this board in the past that have as well. I believe they have either gone on to, or are having, a successful pregnancy now..

Maybe they will be lurking and post?

I do know it is very important that you wait whatever time the doc recommends. Have you done research on the various types of molar pregnancies yet?

If not, here is a link that may be helpful in explaining...


edited to say: I would also highly suggest seeing a gyno/oncologist ....

Sad Thinking of you during this heartbreaking time...


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I am so sorry for your loss. I dont have any advice to give, but i just wanted to send some (((hugs)))


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Hi Jen. I am sorry for your loss. I too had a partial molar pregnancy, which was diagnosed after my m\c on Feb. 6th. I was about 12.4 weeks along when it happened. I am set to finish my followup blood work in December (I actually went for a blood draw this morning, and have been crying my eyes out all day.) I can certainly send you a PM if you want, and I'd be glad to share my story & hear your story, and offer any support that I can. It's been 5 months since my loss, and it still hurts so bad.

((( HUGS )))
I'm here if you need someone to talk to.


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Thanks alot to all of you!!! everyone on this board is in my prayers!

I would love to talk to you about this... if you could pm me when you get a chance.


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I am sorry for your loss. A year is a long time, but I have read that they do make woman wait that long after a molar pg.