Hello, :( My story, kind of long.

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Hello, :( My story, kind of long.

Hi ladies.. my name is Jaime. on 6/15 I had my first appointment at 7 weeks pregnant. The nurse did a quick u/s but saw nothing but the sac. She said she wasn't worried because sometimes when there is more tissue to go through (aka, I'm fat Wink ) it's hard to see what's going on in there. She invited me to come back 2 weeks later (right before a trip out of town) to see if anything was better. We still didn't see anything. They took my blood and called me the next morning with the results. 4.5 for progesterone and HCG at 22,000... really low for 9 weeks. They put me on a progesterone supplement. That was on 6/29. I had a regular appointment today and the first thing they did was take me in to get a transvaginal u/s. The tech saw 3 gestational sacs but nothing in them. She looked for several minutes but it was obvious to us that there were no babies in there. We spoke with the nurse after and they are going to schedule me for a d&c Friday morning since my body is still holding on to this pregnancy.

What's really hard is that I still FEEL pregnant. My breasts are sore and I still gag when I brush my teeth. I'm having a hard time coming to terms with having a D&C. I feel like I should let this happen naturally but I am afraid it could take weeks since my body still thinks things are cool. I want to start trying again as soon as possible and letting things happen naturally would just delay that. Does anyone have any advice?

Thanks for reading.

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Sorry for your loss. I had a D&C early April. I could not bare to go through the m/c naturally. The D&C was difficult to go through and I had contractions afterwards for 1.5 weeks and my m/s stayed for 2 weeks... Not sure how it would have gone. I was about 11.5 weeks but baby died at 8-9 weeks.

It is a tough decision to make.


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a natural miscarriage isnt any easier! I just went thru my first on saturday and it was hard! I would have prefered to pass a large amount of blood and tissue clots then to have had to see what i did! It felt like my water broke and i assumed i was going to have a pad full of blood when i went to the bathroom... I went in and pulled down my panties.. to be looking face to face with my (as fully formed as it should have been) 9 week old fetus! It is still so hard to talk about! I dont want to deal with it anymore!

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Jaime I'm so sorry for your loss. I did end up having a D&C for both my m/c. The first one stopped growing at 9 weeks and my doctor gave me a choice to wait, but warned me that the pain and also seeing the baby might be hard due to the age of the fetus on me. I just wanted it over with at that point.

The 2nd one happened earlier and stopped growing at 6 weeks. However due to complications with the D&C I had the first time I ended up opting to wait and see if it would happen on its own. I was also given the option of trying Misoprostol (Cytotec), however that scared me with having had a vertical c-section and afraid it would cause issues. Didn't want to do any damage. I waited until 12 weeks (found out at 7w) when nothing had happened and no signs of it and I still had pg symptoms and an Hcg in the 50K range at that point. It was really hard to just go and wait and not have anything happen and still feel pregnant with nausea. I finally decided for the D&C, however again I had the same complication and now I wish I would have tried the Misoprostol so my DH wouldn't be so afraid for us to try again. He has now declared he doesn't want more children and I think he's afraid of me going through the same thing again.

I think you have to decide what is best for you as well. If you will regret having a D&C then ask to wait, unless you're bleeding my doc said I could wait, otherwise the risk of infection is high. It is hard enough to have a m/c that if you aren't sure of what/how you want it to happen it will likely add to your pain. At least it would for me.

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very sorry about your loss

I had natural M/C in April and if I ever have to go down that road again I am doing a D&C I am not going through the all process again ... IT WAS HORRIBLE

I am sure a D&C isn't better but

My body waited over 9wks to let my baby go that stop growing at 4.5 weeks and I had PG symptoms for an other 2 weeks

it is a hard decision and what ever you decide this is not going to be easy...