Help for grieving dads

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Help for grieving dads

Hello ladies,

You may not know me and I have not been on for a while now since the loss of our triplets in March of this year. I decided not to come on this site much anymore because it had been too painful to hear the "good" stories and I was very devastated, so I went to another forum.

Anyhow, I wanted to share some info with you for your other halfs. My hubby has been sooo so strong for me, and had not grieved much since the loss of our precious triplet angels. Atleast not that I have seen except on our balloon release day. I asked him if maybe we could set a goal to TTC again, maybe end of this year, see how we feel. He said he cannot promise me anything and he has buried the grief so deep he doesnt know when it will come out, and I felt so bad for him when I heard that. He also mentioned that I have so many places for support, and that he has not much except for the therapist and me. I went online and did a bunch of searches, and he was right. Nothing worth mentioning is out there and it is not active.

So, I took it upon myself to create a site for grieving dads within the past few days. And I am pretty much relying on word of mouth for now, but if you think your hubby or any man you know that needs an outlet, I would love to welcome them there and have alot of topics for them. It is for men only. Not sure how easy it is to tell the man in your life that "YOU NEED THIS SITE" sorta thing! But I wanted to create a place just for them. Let me know what you think - and I appreciate any input or getting the word out!

My hubby said if I put that much effort into a place like that for him, that he would definitely give it a try.

Please know that this is not for money or anything, its just a safe place they can go.

Hugs and thanks, Nan

Here is the link:

Also if you want to know more about us, we have a tribute blog for the triplets. Bless you all!

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I think this is a great idea!! I might try to casually mention it to my dh. Wink

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This is wonderful! I remeber reading your story... and I am so so sorry for your loss.

I will also mention this to my DH. Thank you for doing this! What a blessing!

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This is wonderful. My husband and I have had three losses. One at 16 weeks, which was very hard and 2 earlier on. We did a search as well and found nothing for grieving dads. My husband will be on. It is wonderful that you are giving the men in our lives some place to go. My husband, like yours, has been my rock for so long and I am happy that he will now have a place of his own to go. Have your husband check in soon, I am sure many will be stopping by.

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What a great idea. I hope it gives help to the many dads that need the help.

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I too will mention it. I have had a hard time getting him to talk. He's so worried that he's going to "set me off again". IT's a great idea. Thanks.

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thank you for doing this.


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Thank you so much for your support and help. It means a TON to us Smile

I am very sorry for the losses you have all had to endure, it's a tough road to go down. I am very thankful that there are others who understand us and help us get through it.

We have about 8 registered users on the mens site, so its getting up slowly but surely.

Thanks again, many hugs, Nan xoxoxo