Here we go again (p/g ment)

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Here we go again (p/g ment)

Well girls, this morning and last night i got a bfp! I am excited yet sooooo nervous. dh has been home from the deployment 2 weeks and 2 days and i allready got knocked up Wink He doesnt know yet. and after the way he acted in july with the m/c i am not sure when i should tell him. I have been with the man 8 years and never been so nervous in my life. I even hid the pregnancy test in my pocket when i came home, i had riped it out of the box at walmart and hid it took it, put it back in my pocket and now its chillin' inside a tampon box, he'll never look there. Any ideas how to go about this?!

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My only advice is just to tell him. He deserves to know. It may seem as though you were trying to hide something from him if you wait too long. No matter what his reaction is, he will get used to the idea and the two of you can go through the joy, fear, anxiety, and anticipation together. Here is to a healthy and happy nine months that ends up with a screaming baby in your arms.


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*lurker from Jan 08*

OH MY GOSH! YHEY JENNANA! I am so happy for you! ((stick bean stick)) I WILL TELL THE LADIES ON JAN! I am sure they will be thrilled to peices!!

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Yey!! Yahoo I am so so so pleased for you sweetie!! Biggrin

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I think you should just let DH know and then see how it goes from there. Good luck.

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WOOHOO!!! congrats!!

You should definately tell him (IMHO) - Im sure he would love to know and if there is anyone you should have the support of at this exciting and anxiety driven time its him!!!!


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What great news! Congrats! And I agree--you should tell DH ASAP!