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Hi all...
My name is Kirsteen and we have just lost our pregnancy. I was only 5 weeks 2 days but you all know how attached one can get in just a few days.

I have a question about bleeding...

So the heavy bleeding began Thursday was still fairly heavy on Friday and by the weekend was like a regular to light AF... Then today ( Monday ) I was sitting at work and the bleeding came back stronger then ever. I mean through the pad and pants with a plum size clot... That's a really fun situation at work... when you are a teacher... anyhow...

It's back to being normal bleeding for now... but for how much longer will I have these surprises?
I just want to get on with my life....

Hugs to all of you... we all need and deserve hugs if we are on this board.

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I'm sorry about your loss. "I was only"? It does not matter how far along you are, you still suffered a loss of a child. Hugs!

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TMI, I usually use tampons for af, but with my loss I used pads. I kinda wanted to 'see' what was happening in part, and I didnt want to prevent things from 'going smoothly'. I had lots of clots but I didn't have a second rush of blood. If it happens again I'd get checked with the dr maybe.

I think its probably just the way it goes Sad


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Hugs hon. I have only had d&cs, so I do not know about the blood loss, but yeah, not fun at school.

and I second missy, no matter how far along, you lost a baby!

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I had all sorts of "waves" of blood with both my natural miscariages. The clot was probably the baby. The worst of it was over for me after that. I had a few small waves again and then it lightened more and more until the bleeding stopped. If yoru worried, see a Dr. But it sounds just like mine and I was fine. As fine as you can be in the situation anyway. I lsot both my babies around 5 weeks. I'm so sorry for your loss.

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The rule of thumb is not to worry unless you start to soak a pad within an hour or have a lot of pain. Hang in there honey.

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I'm so sorry that you are having to go through this. As others indicated it really does not matter the age/stage -- you have experienced a loss of your little one.

To add to the answers you've already been given regarding your loss, each pregnancy is different. As Missy stated though - do pay attention to her rule of thumb. Also - do NOT use tampons (if you do) until your next cycle to reduce the risk of infection. (Trust that is *not* a side effect you want added right now.)

*Physical process discussed*

Given your stage that you were at, as the other poster indicated the clot *may* have been the baby. If not, you may experience a similar passing. Smaller clots may follow but again as the uterine lining sheds. My personal experience was that as long as I did retain those type of clots that I would have periods of heavier bleeding. At my early losses this process lasted 1 - 2 weeks tops to complete. (With some of my later losses it took longer.) Many times with my early losses, once the baby had passed naturally, it just seemed like a heavier cycle and then tapered off.

Again, watch that you are not soaking more than one pad an hour continually, experience increasing pain (some cramping may be normal if you still are retaining clots), or having a fever -- as those may be signs of infection. If after two weeks you are still experiencing bright red and steady bleeding (without it having tapered at all) do call your doctor and let them know. Do the same with any other questions/concerns you may have. Remember - in this case the doc works for you!

((((HUGS)))) I do hope that the physical process goes smoothly for you as possible. I hate that you have the need to be here but I am happy that you found us!


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First of all, I'm so sorry hun :bigarmhug: I wish none of us had to go through the pain of a loss. Second, I'm not sure how long the "surprises" last. I had an S&C 10 days ago and find that from time to time I have gushes of blood. I too am a teacher, and it's so hard at work. I'm paranoid that I'm going to bleed through. Again, I'm so sorry!!