How do you pick a name?
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Thread: How do you pick a name?

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    Default How do you pick a name?

    I talked with our priest/pastor about doing a service for our angel. He recommended giving the baby a name. I thought maybe Therese, for my (late) mother, since the baby was due on her birthday. We also thought we could name the baby Victor, which is the name we were leaning toward in our discussions before our loss. I can't decide. We have no way to know gender, but I don't think it matters. As a friend once said, "If it's a girl, nobody in heaven will care that her name is Michael."

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    Do you have a feeling at all about what the gender may have been? Some mums just 'know' iykwim? I always knew Zane was a boy and Ada was a girl right from early on. I know it could have just been lucky guesses, but i just knew.

    Of course, like your friend said it totally doesnt matter what the name is and which gender it is usually for. Or you could pick something gender neutral maybe?

    We picked Ada because it was the one we had decided on before loosing her, so in the same respect maybe Victor is the right name for you? If it felt right while bub was alive and well maybe there's a reason for that.

    I totally agree that it's a good idea to give your baby a name. I've heard a lot of ladies on here say that it helped them in their grief that way.

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    For our first loss, I picked a gender neutral name, but I could never bring myself to use it. The next two I was more cautious and just said "baby", and the last three were with me so briefly I couldn't even do that. In a way, they're all Taylor to me. I can't really handle thinking about them separately.
    But I agree with using the name you were already thinking of.
    My real name is a guy name (shortened to Kayah) so it (gender) really doesn't matter here either.

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    Go with your heart. If Victor felt right before hand, then there was a reason. Trust your insticts.


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    I agree with the others, if Victor felt right before, then Victor is the perfect name. Friends I have that had miscarriages chose gender neutral names like Sam, Jamie, Jesse, Kale, Haiden, Evan, Devin, Drew....I'm sure you get the point.

    Take care,

    Joey (also a gender neutral name, although not as commonly used for girls like me.)

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