how was everyone's holiday?
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Thread: how was everyone's holiday?

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    Default how was everyone's holiday?

    For those of us in the states who celebrate the fourth, how was everyone's?
    I went kayaking in San Diego with some friends, explored sea caves then paddled out at night to watch the fireworks. It was incredibly beautiful and peaceful out on the water at night. There are sea lions that are sooo cute! The only bad note was that one of my friends stepped on a sting ray. OUCH! Those can really hurt for all of you who have never had the pleasure.
    For those not in the states, how was your weekend?

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    Default Child ment

    I had a great weekend. I went to Ohio to visit my BFF on her farm.

    Child ment

    The boys had a blast watching the fireworks and play with their ponies. I love being out in the country!

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    We had a great Canada Day! Figured you wouldn't mind if I added ours here too...! LO mentioned...

    We took the boys to the park, they played lots, had BBQ family time & listened to the fireworks from bed--the boys conked out early and DF & I must be getting old!


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    Question Better then I thought it would be....

    June 30th was Noah's birthday, so it was already a bad week without him here. We had a balloon release for him and it went well though. My other boys seemed to enjoy the fireworks though. They were really excited as there still young.

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