How I decided to remember...

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How I decided to remember...

We'll see if this works, I always seem to mess up trying to post photos online. But if all went well, this is a photo of the tattoo my BF designed for our baby and added to my 'in progress' half sleeve (hence all the outline). It really means a lot to me. Acorns are symbolic of strength and growth, then we added the Fall colored leaf for some symbolism of our own. Since I am so into body art, I couldn't think of a better way to remember our little one, and how fitting is it that 'her' father designed and gave me the tattoo...

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I absolutely love it!!!! It is just perfect....Thank you so much for sharing Smile


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I love the intimacy and symbolism behind it. It's perfect.

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Its beautiful.....I absolutley love it....

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Very pretty.

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very pretty indeed!

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Brilliant! What a great way to remember your angel. Smile

I havent been for a while, so i dont know if i've seen you there, but have you visited the modified / tattoo'ed parents board? It's a great place for people who are into tattoos etc. Here's a link:

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what an amazing way to remember your little one. it truly is beautiful.


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Very nice and great way to remember.


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love it!!
thats sweet

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What a beautiful way to remember.