How long did you bleed after m/c?

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How long did you bleed after m/c?

This is my 7th day of bleeding, and I actually m/c'd 4 days ago. I was placed on methergine, and the bleeding went from heavy to light, but I'm still passing clots. My doctor wants to see me tomorrow if I'm having anything more than spotting. I'm not sure at what point I'll need a D & C.
How long should I expect to bleed?

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I bled for about two weeks, but was not passing clots after the first 48 hours or so. AF returned in 5-6 weeks.

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I think last time I bled for about a week.This time it's been 4 daysso far,3 since the m/c

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Hey! I bled for a whole week moderately, and still had not even passed the pregnancy, thats why I finally just had the d&c. When they did it, my cervix was open, so my body was trying, but it just wasnt coming out on my own. I already stopped bleeding after my d&c and it was done on Friday! It was such a relief, the same day it was done my bleeding was already alot less. It was just good for it to be finalized, everything is reset, and we will probaby be able to consider our future as early as next month, cuz the doc thinks we should go right back onto a cycle. I dont know, she said letting it finish on its own could take weeks, and Im a want it over now type of gal, even though I was hesitant to have the procedure, but like I said, they didnt have to manipulate my cervix, which made me happy. Good luck with the bleeding, I really hope it stops soon, I would hate for you to have to go through it at home and still need the procedure.

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Def talk to your doc, cause each doc has their own opinion on how long is too long.

I personally bled for 14 days after my last m/c.

Hang in there sweetie!


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It's been 5 weeks post D&E and I am still bleeding. The methergine actually made me stop bleeding while I was taking it (I think it took it for about 5 days). Then it started back up. It will stop, then start again. It's frustrating, and it sucks that every time you pee you get that lovely reminder that your baby is gone. I think that is really what I hate the most.

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I had a miscarriage on Friday, February 1. I started spotting on Wednesday, January 31. I had heavy bleeding on Friday. After the miscarriage, the bleeding slowed down gradually until it stopped completely today.

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After my m/c I bled for 4 days and then I soptted for another 3 days, this was 3 weeks ago now and I sometimes get some brown spotting when I go to the bathroom, but no more bleeding. I hope this is over for you soon

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I am so sorry that you are dealing with this. I hope that you get the answers you need soon.