How to survive DH's high school reunion (preg, m/c, child ment)

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How to survive DH's high school reunion (preg, m/c, child ment)

This weekend is DH's 20 year high school reunion and all the activities are family oriented. I know from their website that several have young children (toddlers and babies) and some are even pregnant and I already have this apprehension so I have no idea how I will react to all of this.

It will be 4 weeks since the miscarriage (D&C) this Friday so I still struggle emotionally at times.

Any ideas or tips on what you have done to try to emotionally get through events where there are toddlers, babies, and other pregnant women?


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Wow! I wish i had some valuable advice to give. At the moment i'm still right in the middle of avoiding all things baby as much as i possibly can. I couldnt imagine being in a situation where i'd have to discuss these things with strangers and not want to run away! Sad

I know that's incredibly unhelpful, and i'm sorry. You are a braver lady than i! :giveflower:

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Gosh, I wish I had some words of wisdom. I lost my son a couple weeks before Thanksgiving and we had a couple of family oriented things going on besides Thanksgiving (my MIL does a "family fun night" and there was a fundraiser for my nephew to raise money for JDRF). We skipped all of the events with the children. My DH went and saw the nieces and nephews on Thanksgiving, but I stayed away (I was having a hard enough time with my own family with NO kids there.)

By Christmas I was doing better, but I really just hung out with the adults and I really only watched the kids open their presents from the dining room (where I couldn't see much.)

I was around people who knew the situation...any other situation I just avoided. By mid January, I was able to face "the masses."

I wish I was more help here with our situation...

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at my SIL baby shower, I hung out with the guys on the back porch. There were no kids hanging out with the guys, and they sure didn't talk about their kids!
Otherwise... grab a glass of wine?

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I agree with just avoiding the kid stuff as much as feasible. The wine suggestion is great too. I will be praying for you. I wish you the peace and strength that you deserve/need.


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Thank you for understanding and your suggestions.

DH had already decided we weren't doing the picnic, however forgot to tell me about it Wink

We have a football game tonight to attend and I think that will be ok and if not it is within walking distance of my In-laws house so I can always walk home.

The evening event we have a room there so I can also easily leave if I need to.

I'm going to do as you suggested hang out more with the guys. It will be kind of natural for me anyways as I work in a field which is dominated by males and my interests are cars and motorcycles so hopefully that will help too.

Right now I feel positive I can get through this because we have a plan, but we'll have to see how it actually goes. A few days ago I didn't feel to same so ....