HUGE NEWS!!!!!!!

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HUGE NEWS!!!!!!!

i know i havent' been on here in a long long time, but i just wanted to share with you

it's always bothered me that Oct. 15th wasnt realized here in canada - just the states. i had called my local MPP's office and talked about it, she gave me numbers of people to contact and i never did at the time

but i'm happy to say that someone else (in ontario anyway) has, and it is now a recognized in Ontario Smile

i'm sooooooooooooo happy!!!!!

just wanted to share!!!

this was the email: (from the facebook Pregnancy and infant loss group)

Subject: Oct. 15th - Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day being reconized in Ontario

A few months ago I sent an email to my local city MPP (Monique Smith) about making October 15th "Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day" official here in Ontario, Canada...I am very excited to announce that today I recieved a letter from the Minister's Office stating that they have discussed & reviewed my letter and w! ill be passing October 15th as "Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day" here in Ontario, Canada.

They informed me that they wil get back in touch with me when the news is released to the media and announced to the public.

This goes to show that persistance and having faith in what we believe in can pay off in the end and that just when we think that some people involved in the Government doesn't care they go ahead and prove us wrong (some of the time)

Thank you to everyone again for your support and CONGRATULATIONS ONTARIO!!!

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That is great news!! YAY!!!

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Woohoo Becca! Thats awesome news, its about time it was recognized in Canada. :yahoo::yahoo:

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Wow! It is nice when you can make a difference.

Oct 15th is our wedding anniversary - ironically enough.

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Ah! That is wonderful, I got chills reading that, glad they are recognizing it!

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that is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Great news! Thanks for sharing that with us. I also got chills reading this!

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"min150mph" wrote:

Wow! It is nice when you can make a difference.

Oct 15th is our wedding anniversary - ironically enough.

Me too Sad

WTG for having it recognized!!!

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I live here in "Oz" but was actually born and bred in Toronto, Ont, Canada ... so I am ecstatic to hear this!!!

Many people here tell me they think Canada is a wonderful country, and that they consider Toronto as being particularly progressive. Not to get off topic here, but (for e.g.) Canada's multi ethnic policies, gay rights, etc. They say to me: "You must be very proud to come from a place like that". And I am.

But now, well ---- how coooooooooooool!!! I'm prouder than ever. And given how incredibly relevant Oct 15th is to me personally, this is awesome!

Go, Ontario! Make it big! Say it out loud! Make some noise!

Thanks for sharing this. You've completely made my day!


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Awesome! Good for you!
Too bad we need a day like that.

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That is awesome news!!! I'm from Ontario, how did I not hear about this?!? Thanks for sharing!

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Yay for having it recognized! Oct. 15 is my angel's angel date.

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Yeah!! That's very exciting!

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Congrats Becca!! Now we need Alberta to get on ball!!!