Hugs for Jessa

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Hugs for Jessa

Sending you hugs Jessa on Liam's 1 year angel day. I have been thinking about you and want you to know that you are not alone (even though DSO is not close by).


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Aw! Thanks guys. Today would have been a really sad day had I let myself sit at home alone and mope. I actually went to the orientation for my new job today (woohoo), the sad news is that it is only seasonal...ending at Christmas, the good news is that it pays nearly $12/hr. Overall though, my day is still bittersweet. But anything that helps to battle the pain and repetition of everyday is still a good thing.

Always remembering my sweet angels
Liam-11/27/06 @ 12wks2days
Alana-10/07/07 @ 9wks2days

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Counting the days until my Marine comes home

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Great big cyber hugs.