Hurray! They came! (mem. jewelry)

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Hurray! They came! (mem. jewelry)

Yea! I'm so excited! I finally got my memorial jewelry in the mail today!!! I've been waiting almost two weeks. My necklace is so pretty and I was so happy to finally get it. ...even if I did get into a big fight with baby's daddy (my ex) about it. :-? Something about he doesn't understand why I want to tell everybody about the baby (he doesn't want people to know. *shrug*) ... and I got upset because he couldn't understand that I did it because it made me happy, because then I'd still have a little piece of Liam to always have with me. He got upset and made it all about him and pretty much I ended up leaving for work crying, and when I got there I was so late and so upset... it was just a bad day. (plus then I only made $10!)
Anyway, I just wanted to share pics cause I'm so happy. ...the color is kinda off in the pics cause I was trying to shoot without flash so it wouldn't reflect. They are sterling silver and I got them both at My Forever Child. (They have awesome jewelry... and Susan does really good custom work too!)
Oh...also sorry some of the pics are sideways, I couldn't figure out how to rotate them... I'm not very technology savvy.

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THey're gorgeous! Smile I have something similar.

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Those are so cute! What a nice way to remember. Thanks for sharing.

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Very beautiful!! I love them!! TFS!


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how sweet

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I got a similar necklace from them too. It is comforting just to have it although I haven't worn it yet. I just wanted something for me, to represent my babies that were lost to me so early.
It's ok if your ex never gets it. This is for you.