Hurting LO Ment

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Hurting LO Ment

Today is not a happy day. I haven't been happy for so long. Everything still hurts. I am still not allowed back at work, but that may change come Tuesday, after I talk with my union rep. DS2 has his 4th surgery on the 5th & I will need to take a week off for that, so we will see.

All I know from the 2nd D&C on Apr 30th, is that there was no fetal tissue present {yet again} and somethinga bout deteriorating endometrium. Naturally my OB hasn't called & I haven't bothered to leave him a message, cause I just get upset & his office makes me feel crappy. I see him on the 11th for my 6 week post op.

I am so frustrated & I got AF Friday night {less than 4 weeks} and a horrendous one at that :evil: I am in so much pain...

Anyhow, I am hurting, thinking Sept is so close & how I won't be there with the rest. I want BeBe back & now I will never know what happened to her, cause no one seems to know where she is :cry: How could they have lost her? She was MY BABY :cry:

Sorry for being upset, but I can't get upset at home, cause naturally, I should be over "it" by now Sad


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I am so sorry for your loss.

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Bebe wasn't an "it". She was your baby... and there is NO reason you should have to be over her so quickly. Don't let anyone tell you what you should feel.... everyone grieves differently. ...and you'll find that even after months, you'll still have 'bad' days sometimes. Especially near anniversary days....
Its been more than 5 months since I lost my Liam... I don't cry everyday any more... but I always think of him. Everyday. ...they know that, and they know we love them more than anything. Maybe all of our little angels are playing happily together somewhere.
I'm so sorry that you had so much trouble with your doctors office and your d&c(s). Remember that we're always here to listen if you ever need to vent more. Sometimes the people in real life just don't understand... but we do. We've felt your pain, and we know how hard it is.

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I'm sorry that your doctor has no answers as to what happened with BeBe. I think there are many things that will always remain unresolved and "what ifs" with our losses. I feel the same way about Joseph.

As for getting over the grief, there was an interesting article in Newsweek last week about this -- how many people say inappropriate things and the expectations on how someone should grieve.


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:bighug: I am so sorry about BeBe....Have you thought about switching doc's? I would be so upset..

And on top of no one knowing where BeBe went..You have to deal with people telling you to get over it?? If only they knew what is was like. I wonder if they would still be saying such things.

Hang in there :comfort:


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I'm so sorry for your loss.
:bigarmhug: :bigarmhug: :bigarmhug: :bigarmhug: :bigarmhug:


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I'm so sorry, I do hope you have better days soon.