I am excited

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I am excited

I just wanted to post something besides a downer for once. I am so excited. I have taken the first step necessary to get my bachelor's degree. I am taking a class starting in January. I am going to start easy with one class for now....intro to psych. The best part is because of all my training in the navy I have been given credit for 81 of 120 credits necessary. That leaves thirteen classes and seven of those are electives. On top of that, I can take a test and get credit for the two english comp classes. I actually am getting excited about going to school again. I can do it all online and when I am done, I will have a bachelor's in Nuclear Engineering Technologies.

Sorry to gloat but I am just so excited!!!


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I am so pleased you are excited about this!! It's great to know that you have something to look forward to and feel positive about. Biggrin YEY!!

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I am excited for you!!! That is wonderful news. I wish you good luck.


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Thanks for sharing your exciting news. I think it is wonderful that you are going back to get a degree. Will you eventually leave the navy? If so, this degree should be a great way for you to find a job in your choosen field. Keep us in the loop. I'm sure you will have stressful days with assignments galore and we'll be here for you.

I'm so happy for you.


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:udawoman:Way to go Shelly. KUP

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that's very exciting and awesome!!!!! Good luck!

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That awesome! What great news! Good luck and have fun studying Smile

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That is awesome! Good Luck!

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Kudos to you for going back to school! Good Luck!


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Congratulations and Good Luck!!! I love elective classes. They are always the most interesting. You definitely should be excited, good for you!! Like PP said, come here when you need to vent about all those assignments!!!:bigarmhug:


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Fantastic news. I am so excited for you. Go Girl!!!