I am sorry I avoided posting (preg ment)

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I am sorry I avoided posting (preg ment)


Yes I have been avoiding you all. I didn't know whether or not it was okay to let you know the news that I have graduated to the PAL board again. So many times people would post their good news on this board...I would try to be happy for them but deep inside I was a little jealous and angry at the world. That being said, I have friends here and a connection with them that tells me I will never really leave this board behind.

I want to tell you what I know from where I sit today. Do not feel that if you choose to try again that you will be forgetting your angel. You never will. Every day I have now is very special to me. There isn't a moment that passes that I don't realize things could change at any moment. But I have learned from my loss, and your stories as well, that life is fragile and precious. I will use this strength to hope and pray for my little one. I still visit this board. I want to know how you all are. Plus, I know that somehow what I have learned from 2 losses keeps me real and if my knowledge will help someone get through a rough time I feel I owe it to them to give it back. I certainly got the supported I needed a million times over.

Although I pray I never truly belong here again, I know that if God should send me on this path again, I could have no better friends by my side.

Sending you my love and prayers,


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I'm happy for you. Hope to see you over at PAL. As i post there too.;) Good luck. hope evething goes well.

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Mary, I still visit this board all the time and my PAL baby is now 8 months old. This board is still the most important one to me. It was so much help and support to me after my loss, I consider it my duty to give back support and be there for those who suffer losses now and in the future.

Heartfelt congratulations to you! The lessons you have learned, while tragic, will help make you a great parent because you will never take anything for granted!


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Congratulations honey!! Biggrin I'm so glad you came here to share your news and you did the right thing by giving a warning in your post heading. Then if some aren't ready yet, they dont have to look.

I'm over the moon for you and want to thank you for coming back here and giving hope and inspiration to those of us still stuck right in the middle of our immediate grief.


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congratulations. You give many of us hope that one day we too can post on the PAL board. I hope everything goes perfect this time.


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Congratulations! Best wishes for a perfect pregnancy!

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Even though I've also moved to PAL, I visit this board often and still need support from time to time. Best wishes!

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Thank you for sharing the good news!!! For me, it just brings a light of hope. Wishing you and your LO and very, very HH9M!!!!!

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Thank you for sharing the great news. I hope that everything goes well this time around. You so deserve it. It is so helpful to hear from someone else that you can go forward and try again. My logical side has said the things that you just told us a million times and my emotional side tells me that it wouldn't be right (for whatever reason). Thank you for letting me know that one day I will be able to handle it and it won't feel like an emotional betrayal to Damien.


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I am so HAPPY for you!!!!!!!!! It really is encouraging to see people move on to have healthy happy children. Thank you for sharing and you NEVER have to avoid us.

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(child ment)

I still lurk and post here too and my dd is 6 months. this place saved me after my m/c. and even though i have dd i still think about my first baby