I am such a geek

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I am such a geek

but I had to share how great my turkey turned out this year. I can honestly say that I have never had a bad turkey. In fact all have been at least above average, but this year the turkey was beyond fabulous ..... even if I do say so myself. I am so proud of that bird that I made DH take a picture before carving it up. However, for me the greatest compliment was that after all was said and done (16 people total) there was less than half a pound left of the seven pound ham that was brought and my 27 lb turkey has less than one pound of meat left over. Any who, in all my geeky glory I wanted to share the bird.


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That looks delicious! Now I just need a picture of some corn and potatoes and I'll be full! Biggrin

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Wow! I am envious. I still have not officially ever cooked my own bird. My Thanksgiving is in October and after seeing that turkey I can't wait until Christmas dinner.

BTW - I love the title of this thread!

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Ah! It looks so pretty and delicious! I hope mine turns out that good... I'm getting ready to put it in the oven!

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I don't think I could have had it carved with no photo either!!! It looks awesome. Hope you had a great Turkey Day!

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Here's my turkey:

Ha Ha!! Just kidding! I can't cook worth a d*mn! Your turkey looks absolutely wonderful!!


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lol Thanks Lorlei! I got that email sent to me just before our Thanksgiving.

I considered having my DH's aunt do that with our Turkey.

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That looks so perfect! I bet it was as tasty as it looks!

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That's making me really hungry and i totally dont blame you for taking a picture! Biggrin

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