I don't get it (mc ment)

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I don't get it (mc ment)

Our pathology report came back today. It's been 8 days since the D&C.

My hormone levels were excellent, which is why my doctor made me wait a week before scheduling a D&C. So I didn't lose the baby because of low progesterone.

Which leaves genetic/chromosomal abnormalities, right? Nope. Everything was normal. Then why did my baby die? There has to be a reason. Babies don't just die. So there's no answers. I've been labeled a habitual aborter. You think they could pick a nicer term, right? I'm getting an IUD in 5 weeks. We've been through this enough..it's time to give up.

Anyone else been left wondering why?

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I have had no answers given for my losses....


That said, after losing 9, all in the first trimester. I am a bit over 28 weeks pregnant....Miracles do happen..

Have you been tested for all autoimmune related problems??

As an aside: I agree!! I so dislike that term habitual aborter!


ps: I just moved...So, it may take me a few days to reply (using my dh's work computer (when I can) till we get our cable line in on the 7th)

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I'm sorry the results didn't show a fixable problem. I've had several early m/c, and been labeled "unexplained", so I know it's rough not to know a cause.

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I am so very sorry for the lack of answers. I am sorry for the emotional pain that you are having to experience because of such an insensitive and hateful term. If you feel that it is time to stop trying, then that is what you should do. I am glad that you are getting the IUD as that is a very good method of birth control but not a permanent one IFYKWIM. If you do not change your mind it is very effective and if you do change your mind then it is easily removed. I wish you peace and serenity in your life and your future. (((HUGS)))


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I am so sorry you feel like giving up TTC. I know what that feels like because i felt exactly the same way a few weeks ago. There's nothing wrong with feeling that way, and there's nothing wrong with making an about turn also, which is what we did recently.

As for not having a cause, it's the not knowing that plays on your mind isnt it? We were told it was a sudden lack of oxygen, but they dont know why. That leaves me thinking all kinds of things. I'm sure it must be the same for you. :comfort:

I hope that after you have taken some time to heal and digest the information you have been given you might feel differently, but in any case we are here for you.


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I am so sorry that you don't have any answers. I am still waiting for my results and probably have another week or so. It is so difficult with the worry and what ifs.

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I haven't had D&C's with my two losses, so they never did pathology reports on them. That being said, the doctors say that they're completely unexplained aside from the chromosomal abnormalities. I don't believe that, especially since we saw my baby's heartbeat three weeks before I miscarried - 107 bpm. Even the OB said that with chromosomal abnormalities a heart is almost never formed. So why give me the spiel about chromosomes? And after a previous miscarriage, with a family history of recurrent miscarriage??? Personally, I think that's just what they say when they don't know, just to have something to say.

My thoughts? In ten years they will have figured out 10 more causes of miscarriages, and some of us on here will finally have answers. Fifty years from now, we might all find out why we miscarried. Who knows how far medicine will go. But IMO, it's not 'random'. Maybe every once in a while it's random, but most repeat miscarriages probably have a cause. If the doctors don't know about it yet, that's fine - but I don't want their platitudes about 'nature's way' and all that junk.

And I especially don't want them to label me a habitual aborter. That's just cruel. Sad