I got to say it outloud today. (child ment.)

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I got to say it outloud today. (child ment.)

I got to say out loud today how PISSED/HURT I am that I had to endure months of morning sickness and feeling like crap, all for nothing. I have been so angry about that and it felt good to say it out loud today to someone else who understands what I mean.

I have a friend IRL struggling through loss after loss. She two has to healthy kiddos, and can't seem to make a third. We had a long cry fest today together, and it was very healing for me.....hopefully for her too, but I doubt it.

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It does help to get it out. Keeping it in makes it worse. I'm glad you found someone you could really talk to.

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i TOTALLY know what you mean...my first miscarriage I was 14 weeks and was sick the WHOLE time...I was so angry too. It's very natural to feel that way but I'm glad you can share that! Don't ever keep anything in-if people don't understand it's b/c they haven't been through it!


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:bigarmhug: I'm glad you have someone IRL to talk to.


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:comfort: I know what you mean. I'm willing to endure it for a baby, but for nothing, it totally sucks.


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I am happy to hear that you have someone that you can talk to IRL. Sometimes you just need to have some "face time" if you understand what I am trying to say. I am sorry that she too has gone/is going through this kind of pain. We need to let things out or else they will only become greater pains and heartaches. I hope that you are feeling a little better after your talk.


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I agree the IRL friends help to have a good solid cry with. Here is a cyber hug for you...as I know how they can help. Sorry its all I can do right now. :bighug:

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I know just how you feel and I'm so sorry. One of the many difficult things about suffering a late loss is that you go through so much and get so far, only to have it all come to naught. A loss at any stage is devastating, but a later one is like starting all over again when you thought you had made it through the safe zone.


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I understand. I had taken 2 Diclectin the morning I found out I was going to miscarry Sad

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I hear you loud and clear! I swelled up like the good year blimp and my feet blew up 3 sizes. My hips ached and I had the worst heartburn 24/7. I would do it all again to have my daughter with me. I miss her so much and it really sucks to have to go through labour and not have a baby to bring home.

Sending hugs your way. Glad you have an IRL friend. Mine just moved to Austraila but I have met some incredible women on this board. So cyber hugs and phone calls will have to work.


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Oh i hear you too honey. My body is all but wrecked with two closely spaced pregnancies, one big baby and months of hormones coursing through me! I have an ugly scar on my belly cause i don't heal too well and so much skin i could make a handbag out of my belly!!!


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