I had to share this with all of you

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I had to share this with all of you

I had to come here and tell you ladies about this as soon as I got home. Some of you would remember the e-mail I wrote to my loved ones a couple months ago(I have revised it some since then, but still the same point). The one about how it felt for me being pregnant and how loved ones could show support. Well, I spent a lot of time talking to one of my instructors about my m/c and I ended up giving her a copy of that letter. Not because she said the wrong thing, but because she helped me see what I needed from others and myself to begin to heal. In a sense, her kind words made it easier for me to express how I felt. Anyway, she asked me a couple days ago if she could start using my letter in her Death & Dying class.~I'm a MA and I'm back in school to get my MAAD, Associates in Medical Assisting~She said that she thought it would really help people see what it is like for a woman after the loss of a child, a child of any age. Of course I told her that she could use it anytime she thought it would help anyone. She had me stay after class today because she wanted to tell me what happened last night when she read the letter to her class...She said that there was a girl in the back of the class and you could just tell that something was going on with her. They are really small classes, only like 15 people and she said that this girl just really seemed to have something going on while the letter was being read. She said that after class, a friend of the girl came up to her and said 'That letter really spoke to her (the girl acting strange) heart. She is scheduled for an abortion on Thursday. She says now she doesn't think she can go through with it. Thank you for reading that letter.' After she told me that, on the way home, I just cried. She told me that she was so proud standing there reading my letter to her class, proud to get to share it, and proud of me. Nothing will ever replace my baby, but the thought that this other little life will exist because of a letter I wrote at one of my lowest points...it just almost makes me feel like all of this wasn't so pointless. It's a little ridiculous, but I kinda feel like our baby saved a life. I will think and wonder about that child for the rest of my life. I don't know who the girl is, and she doesn't know who wrote the letter either, but finding all of that out today, was almost more healing for me than writing the letter in the first place. See now I'm crying again. Obviously those words in my letter mean so much to me, I just never thought I'd share it outside of my little 'family circle', not even here in the beginning, and I never thought it would have that kind of impact on someone. I had to share,thanks for listening.


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That is the most amazing story...thank you for sharing that.

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That is so beautiful. I am glad that letter touched someone so. I know that your letter sticks with me as well.

Take Care

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Wow!! Thank you for sharing that story, it really made me tear up too!! How wonderful that it is being used to such a positive effect, by helping people understand.

I guess it kind of feels similar when people read my website. Every so often i get a lovely email from a stranger telling me how my story has touched their life and it makes me proud to know that people know my boy through that (i havent updated it for Ada yet). I always tell them that I feel like he stays that little bit more alive by living in the memory of those strangers who take the time to get to know him through my website.

Sorry, i went off on one about me then, but i just wanted you to know that i think i know how you feel about that. Biggrin

Sarah. x

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Wow, that is a very inspiring story. It was so hard for you to write that letter, and although the words will probably always make you sad, it must feel good to know that you helped someone else, and will probably help countless more.

I dont think it's ridiculous at all for you to be proud. it is beyond terrible to loose a child, but you can find comfort in the fact that your actions during your time of grief saved another babies life. Well done to you for deciding to share it with everyone.


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I am tearing up reading that. It is in no way ridiculous to think that you have saved a life with that letter. To me, that is exactly what you did. There will be another amazing miracle on this earth in the near future because of you. You are such a strong, amazing, inspiring woman. Thank you for being who you are and doing the things that you do.


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That is amazing. Your courage has encouraged so many of us. You definitely should be proud of yourself. Thanks for sharing


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Wow that gave me goose bumps. I think you are 100% right. That letter that you wrote saved that unborn child's life. You have a right to be proud about that, not ridiculous at all. :bigarmhug: Thanks for sharing.


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wow! That just gave me the chills. What a wonderful story! That letter was just awesome, and obviously inspiring! Hugs!

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Thanks for sharing that with us- what an amazing feeling.

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thank you for sharing that story with us--what a powerful letter!

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I'm crying too.

Thank you for being strong enough to share your feelings with others. One person really can make a difference in this world. Imagine that baby grows up and its mother tells it all about the letter and how it touched her and changed both their lives.