I made the appointment

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I made the appointment

I made the appointment today to see the reproductive people. We have 10 embryos frozen so I want to know how that process works. I am aiming for April or May for transfer, hopefully. I feel like I am finally moving forward again....YEAH for me.

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Yay for You!!! (is right) I wish you the best!!!

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That is so awesome Robin! Keep moving forward as they say...I wish you the best of luck!


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Wow! That is huge! I'm here for you.

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That is awesome! I am going to be paying very close and special attention. I have 6 of them frozen so I will be doing it again one day too. I hear that the FET's are so much easier than the ones where you have to do the ER.
I'm excited for you. I know that is a big step for you to take. Please keep us posted. We will all be cheering you on.

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That is great news!!! :thumbsup: KUP