I made it through the week.

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I made it through the week.

I did it. It's not easy to have to work when you have all this on your mind. Not that I got much work done, I actually had to rush to get some things taken care of that I did neglect, not on purporse my mind is just somewhere else....... Well I am off until wednesday so that is good and I am going to Roanoke this weekend to meet up with my mother and sister. Then next week on thursday I have my first appt. since the D&C and hopefully the Dr tells me I do not have to wait to TTC!! Try and have a good weekend ladies.

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Well done. Smile It sounds like you've been keeping busy.


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Sounds like you are doing pretty well. I thought I was doing OK, but I have a really hard time at night.

I hope you get positive news from the doctor.

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One day at a time. Good luck at the doctors.
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Have an enjoyable weekend! Hope the doctor brings you good news, so that you can start TTC whenever you feel ready!