I miss him so much

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I miss him so much

There is nothing more to say. I just miss him so very much. I hate that others are the reason that he is not here. I miss him. I miss him. I miss him. Shelly

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Shelly, I am so sorry. Sending you big ((((HUGS)))).


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Sending you hugs.

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Some days are good only for crying.

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You're in my thoughts. I wish there were more I could say. :bigarmhug:


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Mum to...

:angel2: Zane. Delivered by c-section at 41 weeks. Died due to Vasa Praevia. 16-17 October 2006
:angel2: Ada. Delivered by c-section at 25 weeks. Her heart just stopped. No explanation. 7 September 2007

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