I think it's finally negative

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I think it's finally negative

So i have just poas, and it looks like it is finally negative. I got a faint line just under a week ago so it would make sense it is neg now. I will check tomo with FMU just to make sure it isnt because my urine is dilute but hopefully my body is getting back to normal. Im just hoping af returns asap so i can stop feeling cheated with all these pg symptoms here and no pg.

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Yeah for BFNs! I hope mine is coming soon.

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That's good news for you! Congrats. I know I was relieved to get mine-one step closer to "moving on."

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I am glad to hear that your body is getting back on track. KUP>


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This is going to sound weird, but I am so pleased you got your BFN! I know I cant wait to get mine. It means you can start to move on, and that af will soon be on her way. Getting BFP on pg tests after all we have been through is just so hard to take, it reminds us we should be pg and we are not. At least with your BFN you know that your body is getting back on track, and hopefully your true BFP will come real soon.

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hugs hugs and hugs. It does sound wierd to say i am glad for the BFN but it means your body is heaaling. Take all the time you think you need and i will keep you in my prayers.

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