I'm Back...(m/c ment)

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I'm Back...(m/c ment)

Hi Ladies, I posted here earlier this year after having my 6th m/c in February. I found such support here that I eventually moved on and was able to conceive again in May. We had 2 very good u/s that showed a heartbeat both times and beautiful pictures of our baby. Today was my 3rd u/s and I should have been 9 weeks along. There was no heartbeat nor any form of my baby. The doctor believes the pregnancy ended between the 8th and 9th week. This is further than I have ever made it, so I was feeling so much more hope this time. I even had m/s this past week.

I declinded to do a d&c this time for different reasons and the doctor was fine with this. He said that I will m/c on my own and he wants me to collect when I do eventually pass the pregnancy and to bring this for them to test. Maybe doing the d&c would have been better than this, but I really just don't want to go through that again as I have had 3 overall and just don't want to go through all of that plus the money it cost (still paying for my last one).

I don't know if they will find any reason for this one as they had told me 2 things they thought had caused the previous ones which was PCOS and Blood Clots. With having those issues, I take Glucopage, Baby Aspirin and Lovenox Shots everyday. And, even if they do find anything I am not sure what our next move is right now. I had agreed with my dh with our last loss that we would try one more time. So, I really don't know if we will try again or not. It is just not something I want to think of right now. In fact, I think I am still just in a little shock. Anyway, thanks for listening!

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Oh no sweetie, i am so sorry you have had to suffer through another loss.


I hope that they are able to find a reason that they can treat so that you can go on to be blessed again with a sticky bean.

Of course you dont want to think about trying again just now. Not everyone does. Some folk want to get right back to it, but others need time to heal.

We are here for you.


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I'm sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you and your DH.


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:bighug: I just wanted to post here as well..

I am so sorry for you...your loss. I really hope the testing yields some answers for you.

Try not to think about whether or not to ttc right now. Just try and get through the rest of this day....lean on your dh, as I am sure he wants to be there for you, and you, for him.

I am praying that the time will not be long before you deliver your little one....

I wish you lived closer....I wish I could just hug you :cry: ...

Praying for both you, and your dh Sad