I'm a Columnist!

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I'm a Columnist!

The president of a local Rotary Club suggested I approached the newspaper here, and they gave me my own weekly column: to provide information and support to parents who have lost babies (as well as to their friends, and to the doctors, etc. out there!).

My 1st article (Nov.5) showed parents what they could do if they lost a baby (planting a tree, naming the baby, joining a blog board like this, etc...)

My 2nd article (Nov. 12) outlined new findings of iodine deficiency being linked to both pregnancy loss and brain damage:
(for details see http://www.pilari.org/articles/14/1/Iodine-Deficiency-Linked-to-Pregnancy-Loss/Page1.html).

How cool is all this?!!?

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wow Nicole. I am so impressed with you. You have taken something terrible and chose to make things better for those around you! Congrats on your column!!

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Wow, I bet you are helping a lot of others! Good for you!

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Nicole - that's great news! So many will benefit from you having a column. Congratulations!