It's been 3 weeks *Update*

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It's been 3 weeks *Update*

and I'm still spotting Sad When does it stop? It's just a constant reminder of what was lost and I hate it!

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I think I'm finally done now. I didn't bleed or spot at all yesterday. It's a huge relief for it to be over. I feel like the healing can continue even more. I'm just anxious for my period to come back now. Thanks for the replies ladies!

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Hugs. I would call and check with your OB.

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that does seem a bit long sweets, but i'm sure its within 'normal range'. It would be nice to find out from your re though



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Yeah... from what I've read you are still normal but verging on too long... go get checked out, the constant reminder is so hard to deal with!

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I have bled for just over two weeks. I don't know what is normal? Is it getting lighter?

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glad it is finally done!! Hugs hon! These constant reminders make things even worse.

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I'm glad it has stopped.