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Joining everyone

It looks as though this board is new .. and slightly slow which can be taken as good news meaning that not to many have suffered multiple losses..

I have had 5 m/c's .. my first was over 16 years ago .. and, the last four have been back to back

My first m/c was medical error.. My doctor prescribed medication to induce my period without doing a pregnancy test..

My second .. baby stopped developing around the 5-6week mark and I had a d&c at the 8 week mark.
My third .. I lost my daughter at 23 weeks .. reason unknown she was a perfect beautiful baby according to the amnio and autopsy
My fourth .. I lost my son at 17-18 weeks .. reason blood clot in the placenta and the cord was wrapped around his neck
My fifth loss .. I went in for a ultrasound at 13 weeks to measure the fold in the baby's neck to rule downs or other disorders and the baby didn't have a heart beat but, measured at 13 weeks.. I had a D&C and test results showed the my son was perfectly normal.. reason for loss is unknown.

It seems that I fall into the category of "Unknown loss" my Doctor's have theory's but, no real answers .. I have the MTHFR gene and pregnancy induced PSD but, all my doctors (RE, PERI & OB) agree that these issues should not impact a pregnancy outcome.. They have other theory's about my husband & My dna being too compatable .. but, it's jsut a theory and no one has any real proof that it is a treatable condition.. So the only thing that we are told is to do it over and over again until you get a healthy baby.. I just don't know how many losses a couple can take before it kills them both inside.

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HI there, i'm so sorry to hear about your losses. I hope you work out what it is soon. Sorry this is brief, I only have a second, just didn't want you to think everyone was ignoring you!