The Journey: Dealing with emotions, relationships, & more

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The Journey: Dealing with emotions, relationships, & more

Today's Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Event topic discussion is regarding "The Journey". Navigating through the emotional rollercoaster can be daunting -- at best. The various questions and "what ifs", fears, anger, and more pile on. Then there are those moments -- or days - when you feel a little better only to next receive an onslaught of guilt for having a good day!

Relationships - with partners, family members, and friends - can become strained. You may have felt the need to talk but don't understand why your partner doesn't want to discuss your *mutual!* loss further! Family and friends, while perhaps well-meaning... come across as insensitive beings! Others want to help, but don't know how. Most days you may not have a clue what to tell them you need!

Maybe you have (or want to!) reached out to someone that has suffered a loss... or there were certain things that you wished someone would DO (or NOT do!) that would help you on your journey.

Every woman, every pregnancy, and every loss is different. What may have worked for one person or situation necessarily wouldn't be appropriate for another. Reaching out to discuss these topics can help us garner a greater understanding (even of ourselves!) and aid as we travel a path toward healing.

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