Just feeling sad today...(pg ment)

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Just feeling sad today...(pg ment)

I have to go to a wedding this weekend and the bride's sister (they are my cousins) is 8 months preggo.

Ugh....it's just going to hurt to see her. I'm very happy for her, I just feel a bit sick thinking about it, I'm dreading the whole thing. I'm just starting to feel terrible and kind of panicking because my DH won't be at the wedding with us....they did not know I was PG so hopefully they won't say anything stupid to me.

Thanks for listening..

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I am sorry Sad

Is there any way you can back out of going to the wedding??


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I am sorry to hear that you are going through this. I do not know how I would react to that situation. As you said, hopefully noone will say anything stupid. I agree with the previous poster about maybe backing out? I mean, the flu is going around right? Just a thought. But then again, I am kind of a coward when it comes to most emotional confrontations. Just do what is right for you and BEST FOR YOU. Great big cyber hugs .......


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^I wish....I'm really going more for my grandparents than my cousin (not that I'm not happy for my cousin who is getting married)...my grandparents are quite old now and they love it when we (all the grandkids) are together. Thanks for listening Smile

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I found that it was hard to see some people pregnant, but not hard to see others pregnant.

The harder ones were people I didn't know. The easier ones were good friends. It's like I knew their story and felt they "deserved" to be pregnant. I feel bad for writing that, but you know what I mean hopefully...



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Hun I wish you luck.