Just found this board... (M/C ment, PG ment, and CHILD ment)

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Just found this board... (M/C ment, PG ment, and CHILD ment)

I can tell this is a very slow board. I just figured I am technically in this category now. Unfortunately... I have lost 4 babies before the birth of my only child, my 1 year old daughter. My husband and I became pregnant while on the BCP and I didn't know I was pregnant. Then I started suspecting I might be... and got a BFP Aug 8th 2008... however.... now I've lost my 5th baby. On Aug 16th 2008 I started bleeding... I'm experiencing a M/C and even though I've had them before...the pain never lessens. It always hurts and it reminds me of the others I have lost. This pregnancy was a shock but we were still going to care for the baby and I still wanted it to stay with me.

I just wanted to ask for prayers.

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I did not know this board was here either. Sad I'm sorry for all your losses.

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I'll certainly be thinking of you. I have lost 7 between my healthy kids. It sucks, i'm sorry Sad