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Just remembering

My due date is quickly approaching. It was 6/22. I always believed I would be delivering on the 15th, though, oddly enough because both my boys came at 39 weeks. So, I actually feel like I should be holding my baby in my arms already, one or two days PP.

I just miss my baby, especially right now. And I think a friend of mine is having a D&C tomorrow. They are being very private about the whole thing, since they hadn't even announced the pregnancy, but I have strong suspicions. She was one of the wonderful people who brought us a meal the week that I miscarried.

I also have a friend who lost her 2 month old last week. I grieve with her. He had trisomy 1 and only lived a couple of months. They knew it wouldn't be long. And even in my own grief and knowing the pain of loss, I cannot imagine only getting two short months.

I don't care what anyone says, the longer you get to keep them, the harder it is when they are gone. I now measure pain by how long the joy lasted beforehand.

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Hugs hon. Due dates are just terrible. It sounds like there are many around you hurting right now, I can only imagine how hard it would be to lose your little one, even knowing it was coming, after only 2 months.

Hugs and prayers.

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I just lit a candle for your little one.

I wish I could give you a really big bear hug (I'm told I give great ones...).


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Hugs. :bigarmhug:


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I'm so sorry for your loss and the pain you and those close to you are feeling. It sounds like there is a whole lot of pain going around near you. Hugs.

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Shelly Im SO sorry!! It sounds like you are going through so much right now!! I feel awful for you, and I will definitely be keeping you and your friends in my prayers!! I cant even imagine!! HUGE HUGS your way!!

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I am so sorry. It sounds like we are in the same shape. I lost my daughter June 18th 2007 at 16 weeks. I was fine on her anniversary date but sitting here today I am a mess.

I will pray for both of us.

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I know your EDD passed yesterday...Sending hugs and prayers to you...

If you get the chance, let us know how you are coping?

I am so very sorry to hear of all that your friends are/have gone through.. Sad I can't wait for the day when physical death will be no more..


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