Just suffered a M/C

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Just suffered a M/C

Just suffered my 4th miscarriage on Monday! The doctors still don't know why....as 2 hours prior to the m/c we saw a strong heartbeat on the u/s. The first 3 miscarriages were linked to the fact that I had a blood clotting disorder that wasn't discovered until after the 3rd one. I was on Lovenox and baby aspirin daily and things were looking great! Then in Sunday I started spotting and the doctor said it was normal.....it was dark brown blood so he said it was old blood. Then it stopped Sunday night and through the night I started to get cramps and bleeding red blood. Went to the doctor on Monday morning....did an u/s and we saw the strong heartbeat. He sent me home on bedrest and had me insert a progesterone suppository. Was just about to fall asleep on the couch when gush of blood woke me and I ran into teh bathroom. Just as I sat down....huge clots came out. I just knew it was a miscarriage...I had 3 prior. The doctor sent us the er since I was on anticoagulants and through and u/s they saw no baby and said I had passed pretty much everything. Waited for my rhogam shot and then they released me.

My doctor wants to perfrom a hysteroscopy next montha fter my period stops and see if I have something in there that the embryo is attaching to that is causing the miscarriages. If not then he will have me put on the progesterone from day 1...his thinking is tha tmaybe my uterus needs more then an average person.

I am back to work today but I am so angry and sad and numb. I have a friend who is 17 weeks pregnant and I just don;t want to see her or talk to her and that is so not fair to her....I am just so jealous that she gets a good healthy pregnancy and I don't!!!!!!! I feel so neagtive right now and I can't stop it!!!!!!

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sorry that I did not see this post before now. Sad

I am so sorry for all your losses, and that you have had to suffer yet another. I somewhat feel your pain, I have had two consecutive losses, and with the last, we had seen a beautiful hb less than 2wks before. As to being jealous of your friend, unfortunately it is very normal. I definitely find myself (fair or not) avoiding pregnant ppl and those with newborns as well. I am just not emotionally up for it right now, and its been 7mo. Come join us over at ttcal (trying to conceive after a loss) its much busier over there, and there are many there that are not yet ttc, if you are in that boat as well.